Manuscrit desk

At first glance, the fine and airy lines inscribed in the angular multiplicity capture the attention of this desk which skilfully plays with conventional regularities.

Beyond its primary function, it emanates from its forms an invitation to get to work.

With its inclined top and curved edges, the "Manuscrit" desk acts as an enveloping surface, which gives its user the illusion of being one with it.

The gaze and the mind then focus on the importance of the moment.

Discreetly nestled in the gap between the tops, two drawers follow the formal rule, delivering their contents by sliding along their inclined support.

Often the first version of a work, "Manuscrit" evokes the starting point of a creation conceived by the hand of its author.
The element designates itself as place conducive to the achievement of great things.

Solid wood
Vinyl white glue
Brass handles, cylinders and screws
Polyurethane varnish

1610 L x 525 W x 760 H

378 L x 257 W x 61 H

4200 €

The basic finish is offered in stained oak and satin varnish.
It also exists in its walnut or ash version, stained or natural, with the choice of applying a satin or glossy varnish.

The colors and finishes of the furniture virtually exposed may differ significantly from reality.