Symphonie chair

A chair, a stool or a tablet, Symphonie re-examines the notion of seating by raising its function to three possible uses.

Because of its movement expressed by the fold, it draws its inspiration from the Japanese art of paper folding.
The voids generated by the formal choice of triangular junctions give this piece of furniture an elegant lightness, allowing it to find its place in many interior configurations.

the subtle appearance of the brass hinges brings a bold contrast to its general appearance, while giving it an additional note of finesse.

It owes its name "Symphonie" to the appearance it gives off when it is in its stool or tablet position, echoing the height-adjustable piano benches.

Solid wood
Vinyl white glue
Removable cushions
Polyether foam
Polyurethane varnish

Dimensions (open):
400 L x 325 l x 672 h

Dimensions (closed)
400 L x 325 l x 455 h

700 €

The basic finish is offered in stained oak and satin varnish with anthracite gray cushions.
It also exists in its walnut or ash version, stained or natural, with the choice of applying a satin or glossy varnish.
The color of the cushions is also customizable.

The colors and finishes of the furniture virtually exposed may differ significantly from reality.